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New Member / Gaming Update

I'd like to welcome gavinfox to the community. Sorry it hasn't been updated in ages...

And here's what RPGs I'm currently working on:

Legaia 2: Duel Saga - I'm a bit close to the end, but have died a bit often in the final dungeon on account of frequent enemy ambushes and the inability to escape such battles. I've unfortunately a low tolerance for long battles, animations, and the like...

Wild ARMs 5 - It's decent, if a little difficult at times. It's almost not worth using your party's skill points for higher-level skills since doing so reduces your characters' maximum HP, and enemies can kill you very, very easily.

Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm - Has some pretty interesting ideas and gameplay, from what I've played thus far (about four hours into it).

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - Not nearly as good as the first FF12. The gameplay does have things going for it, but has some horribly designed maps/missions (like where you have to defend a character who doesn't move at all from getting killed), traffic jams among your own characters, and such. And the lack of a quick-delete-save feature in battle really ruins this game's portability.

Breath of Fire (GBA version) - A decent port (the dash feature makes the game go by a lot more quickly), but shoddy music quality, and the encounter rate's a tad bit high.

Gaming-wise this year, there really isn't a whole lot I'm excited about. Maybe Labyrinth of the World Tree II (the sequel to Etrian Odyssey), and those Dragon Quest remakes, but that's about it for me...
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Amazon Woes

So I had preordered Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker over Amazon a few months back (so I could save money with super-saver shipping, and it was $5 less there), and when the game was released, I got a notice that my order was delayed, so I decided to wait until the revised time it was supposed to ship, only to get another noticed that my shipment was delayed *again*, so I decided to cancel it and order on EBgames with faster shipping speed (I want to get the game before my family goes up to Oklahoma next week). I don't know how Amazon does things (this surprisingly didn't happen when I ordered Growlanser: Heritage of War), but this is probably the last time I preorder over Amazon...
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Exaggeration of Flaws

So I've gotten into arguments on message boards, recently, about the alleged lag in the Playstation Portable port of Final Fantasy Tactics, and whenever I suggest that it's probably not that bad, everyone literally lynches me and insults me because "I haven't played the game myself." I've also gotten into arguments with them over the new voice acting in the American version of the PSP port, which I thought was *superb*, upon release of the animated version of one of the opening scenes (though I haven't played the whole game myself). Nonetheless, people whined about the voice acting, specifically Ramza's, saying hyperbolic things like "ZOMG it's teh worst evar!" Frankly, I'm sick of hyperbole when it comes to alleged "shortcomings" in games, especially when there's much worse lag in games like Odin Sphere and voice acting like this in many games.

Given the jerkiness of many people about the lag in FFT, it doesn't surprise me at all that they didn't fix it, as reviews seem to indicate (though odds are not all of the mainstream reviewers aren't familiar with the original version and can't make comparisons). Does it sicken anyone else when people exaggerate bad things in games? By the way, I may seem like a hypocrite given my recent complaints with certain flaws of FFT, but I've actually been doing *much* better in the game with a better party setup (Chocobos kick ass in battle).
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Growlanser Generations Review

For those thinking about getting the recently-released Growlanser: Heritage of War (it's limited edition, so you may want to hurry :/), my review for the whole of Working Designs' collection of the second and third games was recently posted:

Heritage of War (the fifth game in the series) feels a bit different from the second and third games; you don't have to access the battle menus as much during normal battles, and instead of the Ring Weapon system, there's a "Plate Flow" system where you put plates representing skills on a giant grid that connect with one another, and gradually level up the more you fight. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's a decent system.
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